Article 91 - Minority member protection: unfair prejudice

(1) A Partner of a Partnership may apply to the Tribunal on the ground that the Partnership's affairs are being or have been conducted in a manner which is unfairly prejudicial to the interests of some of the Partners (including at least himself) or that any actual or proposed act or omission by the Partnership (including an act or omission on its behalf) is or would be so prejudicial.
(2) Pursuant to such application, the Tribunal may make an order to:
(A) require the Partnership to refrain from doing or continuing an act complained of by the applicant or to do an act which the applicant has complained it has omitted to do;
(B) provide for the transfer of the Partner's interest in the Partnership;
(C) authorise proceedings to be brought in the Name and on behalf of the Partnership by such person or persons and on such terms as the Tribunal may direct;
(D) regulate the conduct of the Partnership's affairs in the future; or
(E) or make such other order as the Tribunal thinks fit.
(3) If an order under this Article 91 requires the Partnership or its Partners not to make any, or any specified, alterations to the Partnership Agreement, the Partnership or its Partners shall not then without leave of the Tribunal make any such alteration.
(4) An alteration in the Partnership Agreement made by virtue of an order under this Article 91 is of the same effect as if duly made by the Partners of the Partnership, and the provisions of these Regulations apply to the Partnership Agreement as so altered accordingly.
(5) Nothing in this Article 91 affects the powers that any person or the Tribunal may have apart from this Article 91.