Article 92 - Obstruction of auditor

(1) An LLC, or any Officer of an LLC, or any person acting under the direction or authority of such an LLC or Officer, shall not engage in conduct, including without limitation the:
(A) destruction or concealment of Documents;
(B) coercion, manipulation, misleading, or influencing of the auditor;
(C) failure to provide access to information or Documents specified by the auditor; or
(D) failure to give any information or explanation which the person is able to give
where the LLC, Officer or other person knows or ought to have known that such conduct could, if successful, have the effect referred to in Article 92(2).
(2) For the purposes of Article 92(1), the effect referred to in this paragraph is:
(A) to obstruct the auditor in the exercise of any powers under this Part 3; or
(B) to result in the rendering of the accounts of the LLC or the auditor's report materially misleading.