Article 92 - Order for benefit of former Partner

(1) The Tribunal may make an order under this Article if:
(A) an application is made to it by a former Partner, or other person interested in the winding up, who claims that the Partnership Business or affairs are being conducted, or wound up, in a way that is prejudicial to his interests, and
(B) it is satisfied that it is just and equitable to make the order.
(2) The order may make such provision as the Tribunal thinks fit for giving relief in respect of the claim and may, in particular:
(A) require accounts to be drawn up to establish the former Partner's rights under the relevant provisions in the Partnership Agreement;
(B) require interim payments to be made to the former Partner in respect of such rights;
(C) require security to be provided in respect of such rights;
(D) break up the Partnership;
(E) if the Partnership has already broken up, give directions as to the way in which it is to be wound up.
(3) An order under this Article breaking up a Partnership:
(A) must specify the date on which the Partnership breaks up,
(B) may include such directions as the Tribunal thinks fit for giving effect to the order.