Article 92 - Remedy by non-performing party

(1) The non-performing party may, at his own expense, remedy any non-performance, provided that:
(A) without undue delay, he gives notice indicating the proposed manner and timing of the cure;
(B) remedy is appropriate and practicable in the circumstances;
(C) the aggrieved party has no legitimate interest in refusing remedy;
(D) the remedy will put the aggrieved party in the position he would have been in had the contract been performed properly; and
(E) remedy is effected promptly.
(2) The right to remedy is not precluded by notice of termination.
(3) Upon effective notice of remedy, rights of the aggrieved party that are inconsistent with the non-performing party's performances are suspended until the time for remedy has expired.
(4) The aggrieved party may withhold performance pending remedy.
(5) Notwithstanding remedy, the aggrieved party retains the right to claim damages for delay as well as for any harm caused or not prevented by the remedy.