Article 93 - Protected Cell Companies

(1) A form of legal entity known as a protected cell company may be incorporated in the QFC.
(2) Subject to the provisions of this Part, a Company may be:
(A) incorporated as a PCC; or
(B) converted, if so authorised by its articles of association and approved by the CRO, into a PCC.
(3) For the avoidance of doubt, and notwithstanding that a PCC may have created one or more Cells under this Part:
(A) a PCC is a single legal person; and
(B) the creation by a PCC of a Cell does not create, in respect of that Cell, a legal person separate from the PCC.
(4) The provisions of Part 3 of these Regulations, save as amended or varied by this Part and unless the context requires otherwise, shall apply in relation to a PCC as if references therein to "LLC" were references to "PCC".