Article 98 - Publicity

(1) The transferor under a Relevant Scheme must give written notice of the proposed transfer to all Interested Parties.
(2) The Regulatory Authority may issue Rules setting out requirements as to the form, content and timing of such notification and the categories of Interested Parties to which Article 97(1) applies, together with such ancillary requirements as it thinks fit.
(3) The requirements referred to in Article 98(1) may include requirements for the publication of information relating to the transfer in a form of mass media appropriate to bring the proposed transfer to the attention of Interested Parties and the type, form and content of documentation which must be made available to Interested Parties.
(4) The Regulatory Authority may waive the requirement set out in Article 98(1) if the Regulatory Authority is satisfied that, by reason of urgency, it is in the interests of the QFC to do so.