CIPR 3.8.2 Firms' internal complaints-handling procedures

(1) An authorised firm must establish and operate appropriate and effective internal procedures, recorded in a durable medium, for handling complaints, to ensure that complaints, however made, in relation to its conduct of regulated activities are dealt with fairly, efficiently, and with due diligence and consideration.
(2) The procedures must provide for all of the following:
(a) receiving complaints;
(b) responding to complaints;
(c) meeting any applicable service standards in relation to complaints received (see rule 3.8.5);
(d) referring complaints to other authorised firms;
(e) the appropriate investigation of each complaint by a person of sufficient competence who was not directly involved in the act or omission that the complaint was about;
(f) that responses to a complaint adequately address the subject-matter of the complaint and, if the complaint is upheld, offer appropriate redress;
(g) the person responsible for responding to a complaint either being authorised to settle the complaint (including offering redress, if appropriate) or having ready access to someone who has the necessary authority;
(h) identifying complainants who would be eligible, if dissatisfied with the firm's decision, to apply under the customer dispute resolution scheme, and informing them in a durable medium about their right to do so.
(3) An authorised firm:
(a) must publish details of its internal complaint-handling procedures;
(b) must give a copy of the published details to any customer who asks for it;
(c) must give a copy of the published details automatically to a complainant when it receives a complaint (unless the complaint is resolved by close of business on the next business day); and
(d) must display, in each of its sales offices to which customers have access, a notice indicating that the firm is covered by the customer dispute resolution scheme.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2019-2 (as from 1st January 2020).