CIPR 4.2.4 Content of advertisements

(1) If an authorised firm makes or approves an advertisement, it must ensure that:
(a) the advertisement is clear, fair and not misleading;
(b) the promotional purpose of the advertisement is clearly identifiable;
(c) the advertisement does not omit anything if the result of the omission is that the advertisement contravenes paragraph (a);
(d) every material statement of fact in the advertisement can be substantiated;
(e) if the advertisement includes a material statement of fact, the statement is sufficiently up to date to ensure that the advertisement does not contravene paragraph (a);
(f) if the advertisement is about a regulated activity or specified product that places a customer's capital at risk, it makes the risk clear;
(g) if the advertisement is about a regulated activity or specified product with a complex charging structure, or in relation to which the firm will receive 2 or more elements of remuneration — the advertisement contains enough information taking into account the needs of the recipients;
(h) the advertisement does not mention an approval or authorisation of the Regulatory Authority unless the Authority has given the approval or authorisation in a durable medium;
(i) the advertisement is not misleading about any of the following:
(i) the authorised firm's independence or the independence of the advice that it provides;
(ii) the firm's ability to provide the advertised product or service;
(iii) the scale of the firm's activities;
(iv) the extent of the firm's resources;
(v) the nature of the involvement of the firm or any other person in the product or service;
(vi) the scarcity of the product or service;
(vii) the past performance or possible future performance of the product or service;
(j) if the advertisement contains acronyms or initialisms, it states what the letters stand for; and
(k) the advertisement describes a product or service as free only if the entire product or service is available free to a customer.


Accordingly, initial meetings with customers may not be advertised as a "free financial review" or "free financial plan" or similar expressions.
(2) If an authorised firm makes or approves an advertisement that is to be published in a durable medium, the firm must ensure that the advertisement contains all of the following information:
(a) the firm's name;
(b) either the firm's address or a contact (for example, a web site) from which the address is available;
(c) the date of issue and, if applicable, the expiry date, of the advertisement;
(d) either of the following statements about the firm's authorisation:
(i) "Authorised by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority";
(ii) "Authorised by the QFC Regulatory Authority";

Note Either of these statements is also required in the firm's business documents — see GENE, rule 3.1.2.
(e) in the case of a co-branded financial product, the name and regulatory status of the other firm or each of the other firms.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2019-2 (as from 1st January 2020).