CIPR 5.4.2 Key information documents to be given to retail customers

(1) An authorised firm (the selling firm) must not sell, nor arrange for the sale of, nor give advice on, a packaged investment product to a retail customer unless it has given the customer (in good time before the customer becomes bound by any contract) a key information document for the product.
(2) If the product was produced by another authorised firm, the selling firm may give the customer the key information document prepared by the other authorised firm. However, the key information document must prominently display each of the following:
(a) the name of the selling firm;
(b) either the selling firm's address or a contact from which that address is available;
(c) either of the following statements about the selling firm's authorisation:
(i) "Authorised by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority";
(ii) "Authorised by the QFC Regulatory Authority";

Note Either of these statements is also required in the firm's business documents — see GENE, rule 3.1.2.
(3) If the product was produced by a person in a jurisdiction outside the QFC, the authorised firm must prepare the key information document.
(4) If during the term that a customer holds a packaged investment product there is a change in any significant information in the relevant key information document that the customer should be aware of, the selling firm must ensure that a revised key information document is given to any customer so affected, drawing the customer's attention to the change.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2019-2 (as from 1st January 2020).