COLL 10.2.6 Quarterly Returns for Financial Promotions Etc—All Non-QFC Schemes

(1) This rule applies to an authorised firm in relation to a quarter if, during the quarter, the firm—
(a) makes or approves a financial promotion in relation to a non-QFC scheme; or
(b) conducts relevant investment activities in or from the QFC in relation to units in a non-QFC scheme.

Note Relevant investment activity is defined in the glossary.
(2) The authorised firm must give the Regulatory Authority a return under this rule for the quarter within 1 month after the day the quarter ends.
(3) The return must include the following information in relation to each non-QFC scheme in relation to which the firm made or approved a financial promotion, or conducted relevant investment activities in or from the QFC, during the quarter:
(a) the scheme's name;
(b) the jurisdiction in which the scheme was established;
(c) whether the scheme is a non-QFC qualified client scheme or non-QFC retail customer scheme;

Note Non-QFC retail customer scheme is defined in r 1.4.1 and non-QFC qualified client scheme is defined in r 1.4.2.
(d) if the scheme is a non-QFC qualified client scheme—whether the scheme or its operator is subject to regulation by a regulatory or governmental entity of the jurisdiction in which it is established or any other jurisdiction and, if so, the jurisdiction, the name of the regulating entity and the nature of the regulation;
(e) whether the following rules were complied with in relation to the scheme during the quarter:
•   rule 10.2.3 (Prospectus and disclaimer must be provided etc—all non-QFC schemes)
•   rule 10.2.4 (Complying disclaimer must be given with other documents under CIPR—all non-QFC schemes)
•   rule 10.2.5 (Authorised firms must pass on documents etc—all non-QFC schemes).
(4) In this rule:

quarter means a 3-month period ending on 31 March, 30 June, 30 September or 31 December.
Amended by QFCRA RM/2019-4 (as from 1st January 2020).