COLL 10.3.5 Pricing and Redemption Facilities to be Available in QFC— Non-QFC Retail Customer Schemes

(1) The authorised firm must maintain facilities in the QFC—
(a) where the retail customer may obtain information in a required language about prices of units in the scheme; and
(b) if the retail customer is a unitholder of the scheme—where or through which the retail customer may redeem units and obtain payment.
(2) The authorised firm is taken to comply with subrule (1) (b) if—
(a) unitholders can sell their units on an exchange at a price not significantly different from the net asset value of the property to which the units relates; and
(b) it tells the retail customer about the availability of the exchange.
(3) Subrule (1) (b) does not entitle the retail customer to have units redeemed (or sold as mentioned in subrule (2)) immediately after making a demand to that effect.
(4) In this rule:

required language, for information, means—
(a) English; or
(b) any other language if the Regulatory Authority, by written notice published on an approved website, requires the information to be available in that language for this rule.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2010-05 (as from 1st January 2011)