COLL 4.2.7 Records of Independent Entity—All QFC Schemes

(1) The independent entity of a QFC scheme must make the records necessary—
(a) to enable the independent entity to comply with—
(i) these rules; and
(ii) the other provisions of the law applying in the QFC in relation to—
(A) the scheme; or
(B) the independent entity as the independent entity of a QFC scheme or, if the independent entity is an authorised firm, as an authorised firm; and
(b) to demonstrate at all times whether it has complied with these rules.
(2) The independent entity must keep records made for this rule for at least 6 years after the day they are made.
(3) The independent entity must, at the request of the Regulatory Authority, operator or auditor—
(a) make records kept under this rule available for inspection within a reasonable period of not longer than 3 days; and
(b) provide a copy of any of the records, in the requested form (if any), within a reasonable period of not longer than 3 days.
(4) The independent entity must not charge for making records available, or providing a copy of any records, under subrule (3).

Note GENE, ch 6 also contains provisions about record-keeping by independent entities that are authorised firms.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2010-05 (as from 1st January 2011)