COLL S3.13 Dealing

(1) Details of the following:
(a) the dealing days, and times on a dealing day, when the operator must receive instructions to issue or redeem units;
(b) the procedures for—
(i) the issue and redemption of units; and
(ii) the settlement of transactions;
(c) the initial offer period and how it ends;
(d) the steps that must be taken by a unitholder in redeeming units before the unitholder can receive the proceeds in the redemption, including any relevant notice periods and the circumstances in which, and periods for which, payment may be deferred;
(e) the circumstances in which the redemption of units may be deferred, limited or suspended and how unitholders must be notified if this happens;
(f) how unitholders must be notified when the redemption of units is no longer deferred, limited or suspended;
(g) details of the minimum number, percentage or value of each class of unit in the scheme that—
(i) any single person may hold; and
(ii) may be the subject of any single transaction of issue or redemption;
(h) if relevant, the circumstances in which the operator may arrange for, and the procedure for, the issue or redemption of units otherwise than in cash;
(i) the circumstances in which the issue of units in any class may be limited and the procedures relating to this, including the conditions to be met for the issue of units in the class;
(j) if the scheme is operating limited issue arrangements or limited redemption arrangements—details of the arrangements.

Note Limited issue arrangements and limited redemption arrangements are defined in the glossary.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2010-05 (as from 1st January 2011)