COLL S4.2 Description of Scheme Etc

The following information and statements:

(a) the name of the scheme;
(b) that the scheme is registered as a retail scheme under the Collective Investment Schemes Rules 2010;
(c) the registration number given to the scheme by the Regulatory Authority;
(d) the legal form of the scheme;
(e) whether the scheme is a UCITS type scheme or a property fund;
(ea) if the scheme (or a subscheme) is a property fund—whether the scheme (or subscheme) is closed-ended or open-ended;
(f) if the scheme (or a subscheme) is an Islamic fund—that the scheme (or subscheme) is an Islamic fund;
(g) if the scheme (or subscheme) is a money-market fund— that the scheme (or subscheme) is a money-market fund;
(h) that the unitholders are not liable for—
(i) the debts and other liabilities of the scheme; or
(ii) acts or omissions of the operator or independent entity;
(i) if the scheme has not started to operate—when the scheme is expected to start to operate;
(j) whether it is a listed scheme or intended to become a listed scheme;
(k) if the duration of the scheme is limited—a statement to that effect, an indication of the duration of the scheme and, if appropriate, of any conditions for extending the duration of the scheme;
(l) the base currency of the scheme;
(m) if the scheme is a CIC—its capital structure, including the maximum and minimum sizes of its capital;
(n) if applicable, any minimum initial investment;
(o) that any notice or other document may be served on the operator or independent entity at its registered address in the QFC or, if the independent entity is not an authorised firm, at its address for service;
(p) the circumstances in which the scheme may be wound up and a summary of the procedure for, and the rights of the unitholders under, a winding-up;
(q) the governing law for the scheme.
Amended by QFCRA RM/2016-1 (as from 19th September 2016)