COLL S5.16 Dealing

Details of the following:

(a) the dealing days, and times on a dealing day, when the operator must receive instructions to issue units;
(b) the procedures for:
(i) the issue of units; and
(ii) the settlement of transactions;
(c) for a prospectus available during the initial offer period:
(i) the initial offer period;
(ii) the initial price of a unit (in the base currency);
(iii) the arrangements for issuing units during the initial offer period, including the operator's intentions on investing the subscriptions received during the initial offer period;
(iv) the circumstances when the initial offer must end;
(v) whether units may be issued in a currency other than the base currency; and
(vi) any other relevant details of the initial offer;
(d) details of the minimum number, percentage or value of each class of unit in the REIT that:
(i) any single person may hold; and
(ii) may be the subject of any single transaction of issue or sale;
(e) whether certificates may be issued in relation to registered units;
(f) if relevant, the circumstances in which the operator may arrange for, and the procedure for, the issue of units otherwise than for cash;
(g) the exchange or exchanges on which units in the REIT are or will be listed or dealt.
Inserted by QFCRA RM/2016-1 (as from 19th September 2016)