COLL S5.7 Operator

The following information about the operator:

(a) its name;
(b) the nature of its legal status;
(c) the date and place of its incorporation;
(d) the address of its registered office in the QFC;
(e) if it is a subsidiary—the name of its ultimate parent entity and the jurisdiction where the parent entity is incorporated;
(f) if the duration of its legal status is limited—when its legal status will or may cease;
(g) if it has share capital—the amount of its issued share capital and the amount paid up;
(h) a summary of its functions under COLL in relation to the REIT;
(i) a summary of the material provisions of the contracts to which it is a party in relation to the REIT that may be relevant to unitholders, including provisions (if any) relating to remuneration, remuneration sharing, termination, compensation on termination, and indemnity;
(j) a summary of any outsourcings it has entered into in relation to the REIT;
(k) the operator's policy in relation to the operator holding units in the REIT.
Inserted by QFCRA RM/2016-1 (as from 19th September 2016)