COMP 3.2.2

If the standard LLC(G) articles of association are not adopted, then the articles filed by the LLC(G) with the application for a certificate of incorporation must, at least, provide for:

(A) the purpose for which the LLC(G) is being formed;
(B) the extent to which the Members have undertaken to contribute towards the assets of the LLC(G);
(C) accounts and other information to be provided to members;
(D) the maximum number of directors;
(E) the appointment, retirement, disqualification and removal of directors and other officers;
(F) the remuneration of directors;
(G) the powers of directors, including powers to borrow on behalf of the company and the delegation of those powers;
(H) proceedings of directors meetings;
(I) appointment of the secretary; and
(J) the keeping of minutes.
Inserted (as from 5th April 2015).