In Force

Policy Statements

Date Instrument Title
11/09/2005 Policy Statement No. 1 QFC Firms Doing Business in the State PDF Version Word Version
01/01/2012 Policy Statement Enforcement Policy Statement 2012 PDF Version Word Version


Date Instrument Title
25/07/2011 Notice CAPI (Application Form) Notice 2011 PDF Version
12/09/2011 Notice Collective Investment Schemes (Application Form) Notice 2011 PDF Version
02/02/2014 Notice Form Q06A (Controller Notice Authorised Firms) Notice 2014 PDF Version
15/05/2018 Notice Controlled Function (Forms) Notice 2018 (No. 1) PDF Version
01/01/2019 Notice AML/CFT Return and Introducer's Certificate (Forms) Notice 2018 PDF Version
01/01/2019 Notice Prudential Returns (Banking, Investment Management and Advisory Firms) Notice 2018 (No. 2) PDF Version
14/02/2019 Notice Annual Report on Controllers and Close Links Notice 2019 PDF Version
15/05/2019 Notice Prudential Returns (Insurance) Notice 2019 (No. 1) PDF Version
20/05/2020 Notice Lodgement Requirements (Electronic Submission) Notice 2020 PDF Version
03/12/2020 Notice Approved Website Notice 2020 PDF Version