GENE 4.1.1 Notice of changes in certain core details

(1) An authorised firm must give the Regulatory Authority reasonable notice of at least 10 business days before any proposed change in relation to a matter to which this rule applies.
(2) If the authorised firm cannot give advance notice of a change in relation to a matter to which this rule applies in accordance with subrule (1), the firm must tell the Regulatory Authority about the change immediately after it becomes aware that the change is to happen or has happened, but by no later than the second business day after the day it becomes aware of the change.
(3) This rule applies to the following matters:
(a) the authorised firm's name;
(b) any business or trading name under which the firm conducts a regulated activity in or from the QFC;
(c) the address of the firm's principal place of business in the QFC;
(d) if the firm is a branch — its registered office or head office address;
(e) the firm's legal structure;
(f) the name of an approved individual for the firm or any material matter relating to the approved individual's suitability and competence to exercise a controlled function for which the individual is approved.
Amended by QFCRA RM/2014-1 (as from 1st February 2014).