GENE 5A.2.3 Giving written notices electronically

(1) A written notice is given to a person (the intended recipient) electronically if the notice is sent electronically to:
(a) the intended recipient's fax number or email address notified to the Regulatory Authority; or
(b) if there is no such fax number or email address — any other electronic address at which the authority reasonably believes that the notice will come to the intended recipient's attention.
(2) For subrule (1), a written notice is sent electronically if the notice:
(a) is incorporated in or attached to an email message;
(b) is sent by fax; or
(c) is placed on a website where the intended recipient:
(i) is able to have access to it; and
(ii) is likely to become aware of it.
(3) In this rule:

electronic address means:
(a) a fax number;
(b) an email address; or
(c) a person's user identity on an electronic communication facility (for example, a social networking website).
Editorial changes (as from 1st January 2016).