GENE 9.7.6 End of auditor’s appointment and notification requirements

(1) An auditor’s appointment for an authorised firm ends when the auditor:

(a) is removed from office by the firm;
(b) ceases to be qualified or eligible to be the firm’s auditor;
(c) resigns before the auditor’s term of appointment expires;
(d) is not re-appointed by the firm at the end of the auditor’s term of appointment; or
(e) ceases to be appointed by the firm for any other reason.

(2) When an auditor’s appointment ends, both the authorised firm and the auditor must separately notify the Regulatory Authority of that fact.

(3) Both notices under subrule (2):

(a) must be given immediately, but no later than the second business day after the appointment ends; and
(b) must state the reason why the appointment ended.

(4) The notice given by the auditor must:

(a) include details of any matter connected with the ending of the appointment that the auditor thinks ought to be drawn to the Authority’s attention; or
(b) if there is no such matter, state that fact.
Note FSR, article 91 (Resignation of auditors and actuaries) requires an auditor to notify the Regulatory Authority when the auditor’s appointment ends and to notify the Authority of the matters mentioned in subrule (4).
Editorial changes (as from 1st January 2016).
Amended by QFCRA RM/2022-3 (as from 1st April 2022).