General Rule 3.2.2

(A) A Licensed Firm must take reasonable care to ensure that all business documents in connection with the carrying on of Non-Regulated Activities in or from the QFC include one of the disclosures in General Rule 3.2.2(C).
(B) The expression "business documents":
(i) includes, but is not limited to, letterheads, whether issued by post, fax or electronic means, terms of business, Client agreements, written financial communications, business cards, prospectuses and websites; but
(ii) does not include compliment slips, account statements or text messages.
(C) The disclosure required under this General Rule is:
(i) "Licensed by the Qatar Financial Centre Authority"; or
(ii) "Licensed by the QFCA".
(D) The QFCA logo must only be reproduced with the express written permission of the QFCA and in accordance with any conditions for use issued from time to time.
Amended (as from 23rd September 2014)