Governance and Controlled Functions Rules 2012 (CTRL)

On 1 July 2021, CTRL will be repealed and replaced by QFCRA Rules 2020-4. To see how the new CTRL will look on 1 July 2021, click here to view PDF Version and here for Word version.

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Governance and Controlled Functions Rules 2012 (CTRL)
CTRL Chapter 1:
CTRL 1.1.1 Name of rules
CTRL 1.1.2 Commencement
CTRL 1.1.3 Application of CTRL
CTRL 1.1.4 Glossary
CTRL Chapter 2:
Governance principles and the roles of governing body and senior management
CTRL Part 2.1 Governance principles
CTRL Part 2.2 Governing bodies
CTRL Part 2.3 Senior management
CTRL Chapter 3:
Controlled functions
CTRL Part 3.1 Controlled functions — definitions
CTRL Part 3.2 Controlled functions — firms' obligations
CTRL Chapter 4:
Risk management and internal controls framework
CTRL Part 4.1 Composition of framework
CTRL Part 4.2 Reporting
CTRL Chapter 5:
CTRL Part 5.1 Outsourcing generally
CTRL Part 5.2 Material outsourcing arrangements
CTRL Glossary