IBANK 7.3.1 Basic requirement—operational loss dataset

(1) An Islamic banking business firm must have documented procedures and processes to identify, collect and treat internal loss data for operational risk events. However, the firm need not collect data on any operational risk event for which the gross amount of loss is less than QR 40,000.
(2) In this Chapter, the set of data resulting from that collection is called the firm’s operational loss dataset.
(3) The procedures and processes:
(a) must be subject to validation before the dataset is used to calculate the firm’s operational risk capital requirement; and
(b) must be regularly independently reviewed by the firm’s internal or external audit functions.
(4) The procedures and processes must provide for the collection of at least the following information for an operational risk event:
(a) the gross amount of the resulting loss (the gross loss);
(b) if available, the date when the event happened or began (date of occurrence);
(c) the date when the firm became aware of the event (date of discovery);
(d) the date (or dates) when the event resulted in a loss, reserve or provision against a loss being recognised in the firm’s profit and loss accounts (date of accounting);
(e) any recovery of the gross loss;
(f) descriptive information about the drivers or causes of the event.
(5) The level of detail of the information the firm collects about an event must be proportionate to the gross loss amount resulting from the event.
(6) When building the dataset, the firm must use the date of accounting as the date of a loss (except that, in the case of a legal loss event (that is, a legal event that results in a loss), the bank must use a date no later than the date of accounting).
(7) If 2 or more losses:
(a) had the same operational risk event in common as a cause; or
(b) were caused by related operational risk events over time, but were posted to the accounts over several years;
the losses must be allocated to the corresponding years of the loss database, in line with their accounting treatment.
(8) Data on losses that result from mergers or acquisitions must be included in the dataset.
(9) The following are not to be included in the dataset:
(a) costs of general maintenance on property, plant or equipment;
(b) internal or external expenditure to enhance the firm’s business after operational risk losses (such as upgrades, improvements, risk assessment initiatives and enhancements);
(c) takaful fees or premiums.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2015-2 (as from 1st January 2016)
Amended by QFCRA RM/2020-3 (as from 1st January 2021)