INDI 4.1.7 Firms to maintain publicly available registers

(1) Subject to subrule (6), an authorised firm must maintain a register of all the individuals who perform the customer-facing function for it.

Note An individual designated under rule 4.1.6 to perform only non-discretionary customer-facing activities is performing the customer-facing function — see rule 4.1.6 (5). Therefore, the obligation under this rule applies in relation to such an individual.
(2) The register must contain, for each individual:
(a) the individual's name;
(b) the date on which he or she began to perform the function, and (if applicable) the date on which he or she ceased to do so; and
(c) any restriction on the customer-facing activities that he or she can perform.

•   "designated to perform non-discretionary customer-facing activities only"
•   "to perform customer-facing activities for business customers only"
(3) The firm must keep the register up to date.
(4) The firm must make the register available for access by the public generally, and may do so either at its office or the office of a representative, or by means of a website.
(5) The firm must retain the entry in the register for an individual who no longer performs the customer-facing function for the firm for at least 3 years after the individual ceases to do so, and must note in the register that the individual has so ceased.
(6) The firm need not make an entry in the register for an individual who:
(a) is employed by a related firm, or is employed by the firm but is not ordinarily resident in Qatar; and
(b) performs the customer-facing function for the firm:
(i) only in relation to business customers; and
(ii) only infrequently, and in any event in no more than 3 transactions in any 1 calendar year.
Amended by QFCRA RM/2019-4 (as from 1st January 2020).