INDI Division S1.7.A Skills

S1.7.1 Gather and disseminate information about AML/CFT requirements in the firm
S1.7.2 Identify the implications of AML/CFT measures for the business conducted by the firm
S1.7.3 Assess and mitigate the money laundering and terrorist financing risks relevant to the firm
S1.7.4 Identify improvements to the implementation of AML/CFT measures in the firm
S1.7.5 Design an AML/CFT programme
S1.7.6 Communicate and implement the firm's AML/CFT policy
S1.7.7 Assist in developing the compliance culture of the firm
S1.7.8 Design and oversee procedural controls to monitor money laundering and terrorist financing risks in the firm
S1.7.9 Report progress in securing AML/CFT outcomes
S1.7.10 Assist senior management in ensuring their staff comply with AML/CFT measures
S1.7.11 Develop and maintain AML/CFT records for the firm (including documentary evidence of compliance, records for customers and transactions, and reporting and training records)
S1.7.12 Advise and guide staff on AML/CFT
S1.7.13 Conduct a business risk assessment
S1.7.14 Plan and deliver AML/CFT training
S1.7.15 Respond to requests to contribute to consultations
S1.7.16 Handle requests for financial information from the relevant authorities
S1.7.17 Design and monitor an internal reporting system for suspicious transactions and activities
S1.7.18 Identify, investigate and resolve non-compliant activity within the firm
S1.7.19 Report suspicious financial activity to the relevant authorities
Derived from QFCRA RM/2014-5 (as from 1st January 2015)