INDI Division S2.1.A Skills

S2.1.1 Identify the customers' insurance needs for general insurance business
S2.1.2 Gather and validate financial information
S2.1.3 Analyse customers' financial situation
S2.1.4 Research and select appropriate insurance solutions to inform recommendations
S2.1.5 Advise on suitable insurance solutions and agree the next steps
S2.1.6 Implement insurance solutions
S2.1.7 Agree insurance policies with customers to enable them to be appropriately insured
S2.1.8 Process insurance applications
S2.1.9 Assist customers with claims
S2.1.10 Evaluate insurance products and services
S2.1.11 Process insurance business as an intermediary
S2.1.12 Process insurance renewals as an intermediary
S2.1.13 Process mid-term insurance amendments
S2.1.14 Evaluate risk and advise other insurance intermediaries
S2.1.15 Process insurance policy documentation
S2.1.16 Underwrite risks
S2.1.17 Prepare insurance policy documentation for business
S2.1.18 Process insurance policy alterations
S2.1.19 Process insurance renewals
S2.1.20 Review underwriting decisions to accept risks
S2.1.21 Underwrite policy alterations
S2.1.22 Deal with requests to cancel insurance products or services
Derived from QFCRA RM/2014-5 (as from 1st January 2015)