INMA 2.1.2 Preparing returns

(1) An INMA firm must prepare the prudential returns that it is required to prepare by notice published by the Regulatory Authority on an approved website. Such a notice may also require INMA firms to give other information to the authority.
(2) The firm must give the return to the Regulatory Authority within the period stated in the relevant notice.
(3) The Regulatory Authority may, by written notice:
(a) require a firm to prepare additional prudential returns;
(b) exempt a firm from a requirement to prepare annual, biannual, quarterly or monthly returns (or a particular return); or
(c) extend the period within which to give a return.
(4) An exemption may be subject to 1 or more conditions. The firm must comply with any condition attached to an exemption.
(5) The firm must prepare and give prudential returns in accordance with the Regulatory Authority’s instructions. The instructions may require that the return be prepared or given through the authority’s electronic submission system.
(6) The instructions may be set out in these rules, in the return itself, in a separate document published by the authority on an approved website or by written notice. These instructions, wherever or however they are given, are collectively referred to as instructions for preparing returns.

Note Instructions might be in the form of formulae or blank spaces that the firm must use or fill in and that automatically compute the amounts to be reported.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2014-4 (as from 1st January 2015).