INMA 9.1.7 Periodic statements

(1) An Islamic INMA firm that manages a restricted PSIA must give an IAH a periodic statement about the PSIA at intervals agreed with the IAH. The agreed interval must not be longer than 6 months.
(2) The firm must ensure that the periodic statement contains the following information as at the end of the period covered by the statement:
(a) the number, description and value of investments held by the PSIA;
(b) the amount of cash held by the PSIA;
(c) details of applicable charges (including any deductions of fees that the firm is allowed to deduct from the profits of the PSIA) and the basis on which the charges are calculated;
(d) the total of any dividends and other benefits received by the firm for the PSIA;
(e) the total amount, and particulars of all investments transferred into or out of the PSIA;
(f) details of the performance of the IAH’s investment;
(g) the allocation of profit between the owner and the IAH;
(h) any changes to the investment strategies that could affect the IAH’s investment.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2014-4 (as from 1st January 2015).