Insurance Mediation Business Rules 2011 (IMEB)

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Insurance Mediation Business Rules 2011 (IMEB)
IMEB Chapter 1:
General provisions
IMEB Part 1.1 Introductory
IMEB Part 1.2 Key terms and basic concepts
IMEB Chapter 2:
Prudential requirements
IMEB Part 2.1 Prudential requirements — general
IMEB Part 2.2 Minimum capital and asset requirements
IMEB Part 2.3 Professional indemnity insurance
IMEB Part 2.4 Prudential requirements — other provisions
IMEB Chapter 3:
Client money
IMEB Part 3.1 Client money — general
IMEB Part 3.2 Client money exceptions
IMEB Part 3.3 Treatment of client money and fiduciary duties
IMEB Part 3.4 Payments into client bank accounts
IMEB Part 3.5 Segregation of client money
IMEB Part 3.6 Payments out of client bank accounts
IMEB Part 3.7 Transfer of client money to eligible intermediaries
IMEB Part 3.8 Client notifications
IMEB Part 3.9 Obligations relating to calculations
IMEB Chapter 4:
Client money distribution rules
IMEB Part 4.1 Client money distribution rules — general
IMEB Part 4.2 Firm-related distribution events
IMEB Part 4.3 Third party-related distribution event
IMEB Chapter 5:
Restrictions on holding client money
IMEB 5.1.1 Certain firms must not hold client money
IMEB Chapter 6:
IMEB 6.1.1 Application of chapter 6
IMEB 6.1.2 Records for relevant investments held as collateral
IMEB 6.1.3 Reports on relevant investments held as collateral
IMEB Chapter 7:
Client mandates
IMEB 7.1.1 Application — ch 7
IMEB 7.1.2 Mandates — systems and controls
IMEB Chapter 8:
Record keeping, giving information and safeguarding documents and assets
IMEB 8.1.1 Application — ch 8
IMEB 8.1.2 Firms to make and keep records
IMEB 8.1.3 How records to be kept
IMEB 8.1.4 List of accounts and eligible intermediaries
IMEB 8.1.5 Period for keeping records
IMEB 8.1.6 Giving information to clients
IMEB 8.1.7 Duty to safeguard documents and assets
IMEB Chapter 9:
Transfer of insurance business - [Deleted]
IMEB 9.1.1 Meaning of insurance mediation business for chapter 9 - [Deleted]
IMEB 9.1.2 Existing firms conducting insurance mediation business - [Deleted]
IMEB 9.1.3 Scope of certain approved individuals' activities - [Deleted]
IMEB 9.1.4 Repeal of chapter 9 - [Deleted]
IMEB Glossary