Investment Management and Advisory Rules 2014 (INMA)

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Investment Management and Advisory Rules 2014 (INMA)
INMA Chapter 1:
INMA 1.1.1 Introduction
INMA 1.1.2 Commencement
INMA 1.1.3 Effect of definitions, notes and examples
INMA 1.1.4 Application of these rules — general
INMA 1.1.5 Interaction between these rules and IMEB
INMA 1.1.6 Application of these rules — branches
INMA 1.1.7 Requirement for policy also requires procedures and systems
INMA 1.1.8 Legal form that firms must take
INMA Chapter 2:
Prudential reporting requirements
INMA 2.1.1 Introduction
INMA 2.1.2 Preparing returns
INMA 2.1.3 Giving information
INMA 2.1.4 Accounts and statements to use international standards
INMA 2.1.5 Interaction between these rules and IMEB
INMA 2.1.6 Firm to notify authority
INMA 2.1.7 Branches — obligations to inform Regulatory Authority
INMA Chapter 3:
General prudential requirements
INMA Part 3.1 General
INMA Part 3.2 Financial resources — general principles
INMA Part 3.3 Minimum capital and liquid assets requirements
INMA Chapter 4:
Management of risk
INMA Part 4.1 Introduction — Chapter 4
INMA Part 4.2 Risk management
INMA Part 4.3 Professional indemnity insurance
INMA Chapter 5:
Client money
INMA Part 5.1 Client money — introductory
INMA Part 5.2 Client money concepts
INMA Part 5.3 Money that is not client money
INMA Part 5.4 Receipt of client money by advisory firms
INMA Part 5.5 Client money protection rules
INMA Part 5.6 Disapplication of client money protection rules
INMA Part 5.7 Payments out of client bank accounts
INMA Part 5.8 Customer notifications about client money
INMA Part 5.9 Reconciliation of client money
INMA Part 5.10 Client money distribution rules
INMA Chapter 6:
Providing custody services
INMA 6.1.1 Application of Chapter 6
INMA 6.1.2 Chapter 6 application to QFC schemes
INMA 6.1.3 Eligible custodian
INMA 6.1.4 Custody investment
INMA 6.1.5 Holding custody investments
INMA 6.1.6 Nominee
INMA 6.1.7 Investments not treated as custody investments — delivery-versus-payment transactions
INMA 6.1.8 Investments not treated as custody investments — investments held temporarily for customers
INMA 6.1.9 Responsibility for nominees
INMA 6.1.10 Systems and controls in relation to custody investments
INMA 6.1.11 Control of documents of title
INMA 6.1.12 Use of eligible custodians
INMA 6.1.13 Assessing whether an eligible custodian is suitable
INMA 6.1.14 Acknowledgement by eligible custodian
INMA 6.1.15 Use of customers' investments for firms' own purposes
INMA 6.1.16 Collateral for customers' investments used for stock lending
INMA 6.1.17 Notifying customers if investments to be held outside QFC
INMA 6.1.18 Notifying customers of terms of custody
INMA 6.1.19 No exclusion of liability for nominee's negligence or fraud
INMA 6.1.20 Periodic custody investment statements to customers
INMA 6.1.21 When periodic custody statements need not be sent to customer
INMA 6.1.22 Reconciliations to be carried out
INMA 6.1.23 Duties to be separated
INMA 6.1.24 Review of reconciliations
INMA 6.1.25 Correcting discrepancies in reconciliations
INMA 6.1.26 Notice to be given of certain significant discrepancies
INMA 6.1.27 Record-keeping
INMA Chapter 7:
Use of customers' investments as collateral
INMA 7.1.1 Application of Chapter 7
INMA 7.1.2 Adequate records to be kept
INMA 7.1.3 Periodic statements to customer
INMA Chapter 8:
Client mandates
INMA 8.1.1 Client mandates — systems and controls
INMA 8.1.2 Chapter 8 application to QFC schemes
INMA Chapter 9:
Islamic INMA firms
INMA 9.1.1 Introduction
INMA 9.1.2 Profit-sharing investment accounts
INMA 9.1.3 Policies — PSIAs
INMA 9.1.4 PSIA managers' responsibilities
INMA 9.1.5 Terms of business
INMA 9.1.6 Financial statements — specific disclosures
INMA 9.1.7 Periodic statements
INMA 9.1.8 Displaced commercial risk
INMA Chapter 10:
INMA 10.1.1 Definitions for Chapter 10
INMA 10.1.2 Authorised firms to remain authorised
INMA 10.1.3 Modifications and waivers
INMA 10.1.4 Power of Regulatory Authority not diminished
INMA Schedule 1 Guidance about risk management INMA Part S1.1 Introduction
INMA Part S1.2 Risks to be addressed in risk management policy
INMA Part S1.3 Risks to be addressed in managing operational risk
INMA Part S1.4 Other risks that may be addressed in risk management policy
INMA Glossary


Amended by QFCRA RM/2021-1 (as from 1st July 2021).