Part 1 – activities which, subject as provided in Regulations, shall be Regulated Activities

1. financial business, banking business of whatever nature, and investment business, including (without limit) all business activities that are customarily provided by investment, corporate and wholesale financing banks, as well as Islamic and electronic banking business;
2. insurance and reinsurance business of all categories;
3. money market, stock exchange and commodity market business of all categories, including trading in and dealing in precious metals, stocks, bonds, securities, and other financial activities derived therefrom, or associated therewith;
4. money and asset management business, investment fund business, the provision of project finance and corporate finance in all business fields and Islamic banking and financing business;
5. funds administration, fund advisory and fiduciary business of all kinds;
6. pension fund business and the business of credit companies;
7. the business of insurance broking, stock broking, and all other financial brokerage business,
8. financial agency business and the business of provision of corporate finance and other financial advice, investment advice and investment services of all kinds;
9. the provision of financial custodian services and the business of acting as legal trustees;