Part 2 – activities which, subject as provided in Regulations, shall not be Regulated Activities

10. the business of Ship Broking and Shipping Agents
11. the business of provision of classification services and investment grading and other grading services;
12. business activities of company headquarters, management offices and treasury operations and other related functions for all kinds of business, and the administration of companies generally;
13. the business of providing professional services including but not limited to audit, accounting, tax, consulting and legal services;
14. business activities of holding companies, and the provision, formation, operation and administration of trusts and similar arrangements of all kinds; and
15. the business of provision, formation, operation and administration of companies.

The provision of services (other than services which are Permitted Activities) to any of the above by third parties shall not be a Permitted Activity, so that a company or business that wishes to provide services to companies carrying out Permitted Activities within QFC may only do so in accordance with, and provided it complies with, the general requirements of the laws of the State.