PRIV S2.12 Payments Out of Scheme Property

(1) The payments that may be made out of the scheme property to any person, whether by way of remuneration or charges for services, or reimbursement of expenses.
(2) For each category of remuneration, charges or expenses, the following information:
(a) the current rates or amounts of the remuneration, charges or expenses;
(b) how the remuneration, charges or expenses must be calculated and accrue and when they must be paid;
(c) if notice has been given to unitholders of the operator's intention to—
(i) introduce a new category of remuneration for its services; or
(ii) increase the basis of any current charge; or
(iii) change the basis of the treatment of a payment from the capital property;
particulars of that introduction, increase or change and when it will take place;
(d) the types of any other charges and expenses that may be taken out of the scheme property;
(e) if all or part of the remuneration or expenses is to be treated as a charge to capital—
(i) that fact; and
(ii) the basis of the charge that may be treated as a capital charge.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2010-06 (as from 1st January 2011)