PRIV S2.2 Description of Scheme etc

(1) The following information and statements:
(a) the name of the scheme;
(b) that the scheme is registered as a private placement scheme under the Private Placement Schemes Rules 2010;
(c) the registration number given to the scheme by the Regulatory Authority;
(d) the legal form of the scheme;
(e) whether it is an open-ended or closed-ended scheme;
(f) if the scheme (or a subscheme) is an Islamic fund — that the scheme (or subscheme) is an Islamic fund;
(g) that the unitholders are not liable for—
(i) the debts and other liabilities of the scheme; or
(ii) acts or omissions of the operator;
(h) if the scheme has not started to operate — when the scheme is expected to start to operate;
(i) if the duration of the scheme is limited — a statement to that effect, an indication of the duration of the scheme and, if appropriate, of any conditions for extending the duration of the scheme;
(j) the base currency of the scheme;
(k) if the scheme is a CIC — its capital structure, including the maximum and minimum sizes of its capital;
(l) if applicable, any minimum initial investment in the scheme;
(m) that any notice or other document may be served on the operator of the scheme at its registered office in the QFC;
(n) the circumstances in which the scheme may be wound up and a summary of the procedure for, and the rights of the unitholders under, a winding-up;
(o) the governing law for the scheme.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2010-06 (as from 1st January 2011)