Private Placement Schemes Rules 2010 (PRIV)

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Private Placement Schemes Rules 2010 (PRIV)
PRIV Chapter 1:
General Provisions
PRIV Part 1.1 Introductory
PRIV Part 1.2 Basic Concepts and Key Terms
PRIV Chapter 2:
Registration of Schemes
PRIV 2.1.1 Application for Registration of Scheme
PRIV 2.1.2 Decision on Application for Registration of Scheme
PRIV Chapter 3:
Constitutional Requirements
PRIV Part 3.1 Constitutional Document
PRIV Part 3.2 Units Event
PRIV Chapter 4:
The Operator
PRIV 4.1.1 Requirements for Operator
PRIV 4.1.2 Operator Must Comply with Legal and Regulatory Requirements
PRIV 4.1.3 Functions of Operator Generally
PRIV 4.1.4 Duty of Operator to Report Certain Breaches of Law
PRIV 4.1.5 Particular Duties of Operator
PRIV 4.1.6 Property Safeguarding Functions of Operator
PRIV 4.1.7 Register of Unitholders
PRIV 4.1.8 Records of Operator
PRIV 4.1.9 Operator Must Give Information etc to Auditor
PRIV 4.1.10 Duties of Officers etc of Operator
PRIV 4.1.11 Provisions of ch 4 Do Not Limit Other Functions
PRIV Chapter 5:
Investor Relations
PRIV Part 5.1 Transactions with Affected Persons
PRIV Part 5.2 Prospectus Requirements
PRIV Part 5.3 Prospectus Responsibility
PRIV Part 5.4 Unitholder Meetings
PRIV Part 5.5 Reports, Accounts and Auditors
PRIV Chapter 6:
Operating Duties and Responsibilities
PRIV Part 6.1 Dealing
PRIV Part 6.2 Valuation and Pricing
PRIV Part 6.3 Title and Register
PRIV Part 6.4 Operator — Appointment and Removal
PRIV Part 6.5 Outsourcing
PRIV Part 6.6 Payments
PRIV Part 6.7 Accounting Periods
PRIV Part 6.8 Names
PRIV Part 6.9 Shari'a Supervisory Board
PRIV Chapter 7:
Suspension, Winding Up and Transfer Schemes
PRIV Part 7.1 Suspension and Restart of Dealings
PRIV Part 7.2 Winding Up
PRIV Part 7.3 Transfer Schemes
PRIV Chapter 8:
Financial Promotions and Relevant Investment Activities
PRIV 8.1.1 Certain Financial Promotions Only to Qualified Investors etc
PRIV Chapter 9:
Other Provisions
PRIV Part 9.1 General
PRIV Part 9.2 Fees
PRIV Chapter 10
PRIV 10.1.1 Existing Registered Private Placement Funds
PRIV Schedule 1:
Constitutional Document Content
PRIV S1.1 Name of Scheme
PRIV S1.2 Scheme is Established in QFC etc
PRIV S1.3 Legal form of Scheme etc
PRIV S1.4 Islamic Funds
PRIV S1.5 Investment Objectives and Policy etc
PRIV S1.6 Duration of Limited Schemes
PRIV S1.7 Unitholder's Liability to Pay
PRIV S1.8 Fees, Charges and Other Expenses of Scheme
PRIV S1.9 Classes of Units
PRIV S1.10 Income and Capital Distribution
PRIV S1.11 Investment and Borrowing Restrictions
PRIV S1.12 Management of Borrowing Risks
PRIV S1.13 Valuation and Pricing
PRIV S1.14 Base Currency
PRIV S1.15 Functions of Operator
PRIV S1.16 Meetings
PRIV S1.17 Other Statements and Provisions for CIC
PRIV S1.18 CIP Partnership Agreement Binding etc
PRIV S1.19 CIT Trust Deed Binding etc
PRIV S1.20 CIT Declaration of Trust
PRIV S1.21 Assets Other than Cash for Issue or Redemption
PRIV S1.22 Suspension and Winding-Up
PRIV S1.23 Amendment of Constitutional Document
PRIV S1.24 Redemption of Units Held in Breach of QFC Law
PRIV S1.25 Documents Evidencing Title to Units
PRIV S1.26 Limits on Unit Issue and Redemption
PRIV S1.27 Conflicts of Interests with Affected Persons
PRIV S1.28 Fundamental and Significant Changes
PRIV S1.29 Other Relevant Matters
PRIV Schedule 2:
Prospectus Content
PRIV S2.1 Document Status
PRIV S2.2 Description of Scheme etc
PRIV S2.3 Maximum Number of Unitholders
PRIV S2.4 Islamic Funds
PRIV S2.5 Investment Objectives and Policy etc
PRIV S2.6 Distributions, Accounting Dates etc
PRIV S2.7 Characteristics of Units in the Scheme
PRIV S2.8 Operator
PRIV S2.9 Investment Adviser
PRIV S2.10 Auditor
PRIV S2.11 Register of Unitholders
PRIV S2.12 Payments Out of Scheme Property
PRIV S2.13 Dealing
PRIV S2.14 Exit Arrangements
PRIV S2.15 Valuation and Pricing
PRIV S2.16 Issue and Redemption Charges
PRIV S2.17 General Information
PRIV S2.18 Mandatory Statement About Prospectus
PRIV S2.19 Additional Information for Feeder Funds
PRIV S2.20 Additional Information for Fund of Funds
PRIV S2.21 Additional Statements and Information for Property Funds
PRIV S2.22 Information on Umbrella Schemes
PRIV S2.23 Application of Prospectus Contents to Umbrella Scheme
PRIV Glossary


Amended by QFCRA RM/2021-1 (as from 1st July 2021).