REPO 3.1.8 Information supplied to other regulators

If requested by the Regulatory Authority, a representative office must provide the Authority with information that it or another member of its corporate group has provided to a financial services regulator.

Note In common with every other authorised firm, a representative office is required to notify the Regulatory Authority of certain events — see GENE, Chapter 4. For example:
• changes in core details such as its name, its business address or the address of its head office (GENE rule 4.1.1)
• certain significant events, such as matters that could have a significant effect on its reputation or solvency (GENE rule 4.1.3)
• any fraud or accounting irregularity (GENE rule 4.1.4)
• actions involving its head office taken by other financial regulators (GENE rule 4.1.6)
• any insolvency-related event affecting its head office (GENE rule 4.1.7).
Derived from QFCRA RM/2020-5 (as from 1st October 2020)