REPO Glossary

AML/CFT Law means Law No. (20) of 2019 on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, and includes Regulations made under that Law.
authorisation means an authorisation granted under FSR, Part 5.
authorised firm means a person that has been granted an authorisation.
employee means an individual:
(a) who is employed or appointed by a person in connection with that person’s business, whether under a contract of service or for services or otherwise; or
(b) whose services, under an arrangement between that person and a third party, are placed at the disposal and under the control of that person.
entity means a body corporate or partnership or un-incorporated association carrying on a trade or business with a view to profit.
financial services regulator means a regulator of financial services in a jurisdiction other than the QFC.
FIU means the Financial Intelligence Unit established under the AML/CFT Law.
FSR means the Financial Services Regulations.
GENE means the General Rules 2005.
INDI means the Individuals (Assessment, Training and Competency) Rules 2014.
marketing a financial product or financial service means doing either or both of the following:
(a) providing general information on the availability of the product or service;
(b) making introductions or referrals in connection with the offer of the product or service.
marketing material has the meaning given by rule 2.2.4 (1).
operating a representative office has the meaning given by rule 1.1.5 (2).
person means:
(a) an individual (including an individual occupying an office or position from time to time); or
(b) a legal person.
QFC means the Qatar Financial Centre.
regulated activity has the meaning given by FSR, article 23.
Regulatory Authority means the Regulatory Authority of the QFC.
representative office means an authorised firm that has an authorisation to conduct the regulated activity of operating a representative office.
specified activity has the meaning given by FSR, article 110.
specified product has the meaning given by FSR, article 110.
Derived from QFCRA RM/2020-5 (as from 1st October 2020)