SCHEDULE 2 – Regulations

Regulations enacted under Article 9 may, without limiting the generality of that Article, govern the following matters:—

1. The formation, registration, operation, rights and obligations of the companies, partnerships and other entities incorporated in or operating in or from the QFC (including in relation to insolvency and winding up).
2. The creation of the QFC Institutions and their respective management, objectives, duties, functions, powers and constitution.
3. The matters referred to in Article 8.
4. Banking, financial and insurance-related activities carried out in or from the QFC including the persons and entities carrying out the same;
5. Contract and agency and regulations relating to trusts applicable in the QFC, the jurisdiction of courts and arbitrators in and outside the State in connection with activities carried out in the QFC and the enforcement of contractual provisions;
6. The giving and taking of security;
7. Immigration and employment of, and the issue of visas and other permits to, persons working in or visiting the QFC;
8. The prohibition of money laundering and other financial improprieties;
9. Privacy and the protection of private information; and
10. Intellectual property rights.