Schedule 3 — Record Keeping Requirements

1. Record Keeping Table
1.1. General Rules
Subject of record When Retention Period
Accounting records, financial accounts and statements and auditor reports On making the record Six (6) years from the date to which they relate
Auditors qualification and approval On appointment of the auditor Six (6) years following the cessation of appointment of the auditor
Basic Information, Register of Basic Information, Required Information on Beneficial Owners, Register of Beneficial Owners, Nominee Particulars on Nominee Directors or Nominee Shareholders and Register of Nominees (if any) From the date of winding up, dissolution, termination or striking off Ten (10) years


1.2. Individuals


Subject of record When Retention Period
Suitability and competence of individual to conduct Registered Functions When assessing suitability and competence Six (6) years after the individual ceases to perform the relevant Registered Function
Assessment of competency When assessing competency Six (6) years from the date on which the steps were taken


1.3. COB Rules


Subject of record When Retention Period
Any complaint received pursuant to COB Rule 6.2 On receiving complaint Six (6) years after date of complaint


Amended (as from 3rd February 2020).
Amended (as from December 2021).