Single Family Office Regulations

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Single Family Office Regulations
Enactment Notice
Article 1 Citation
Article 2 Application
Article 3 Commencement
Article 4 Language
Article 5 Interpretation
Article 6 Power of the QFC Authority and the Regulatory Authority to Make Rules
Article 7 Interaction with the QFC Law, QFC Regulations and Rules
Article 8 Single Family
Article 9 Single Family Office
Article 10 Family Member
Article 11 Family Fiduciary Structure
Article 12 Family Entity
Article 13 Scope of Services
Article 14 Control
Article 15 Establishing a Single Family Office
Article 16 Registration
Article 17 Non-QFC Entities
Article 18 Letter from an Eligible Firm
Article 19 Articles of Association
Article 20 Designated Representative
Article 21 Role of Designated Representative
Article 22 Annual Report
Article 23 Due Diligence Measures
Article 24 Anti-Money Laundering
Article 25 Variation or Withdrawal of Licence
Article 26 Change of Status
Article 27 Duty to Provide Information
Article 28 Contraventions
Article 29 Prescribed Forms and Prescribed Fees
Article 30 Fines
Article 31 Interpretation
Article 32 Definitions
Schedule 1 [Deleted]